Credit Repair and Consulting

More Than 26 Years of Consumer Finance and Business Experience



Credit Consulting for Small Businesses

Premier has been a provider and trainer of credit repair and establishment for small businesses since 2010.

As a primary provider of small business loans, our focus has been to help small businesses to achieve growth goals that are ongoing and secure.

As part of our strength in helping small businesses to establish credit, we’ve also been key in helping those business owners to become credit worthy on a personal level as well.

monitoring the health of your business

Spend less than an hour a month analyzing your business health by connecting to defined data.

You can monitor the overall health of your business every year, every month, or every day! 

Premier Business Analysis

Ongoing business credit services

Your in the process of building credit and financial stability. The last thing that you want is to overspend on services.

For more than 26 years, our certified professionals have helped many business owners to achieve goals, growth, and factors for change.

Our credit building training is available to all of our business clients — it’s your roadmap to achieving your goals.


why Consumer Finance & Credit Repair

Premier has been a provider and trainer of personal finance and credit repair  since 2013.

Consumer rights and responsibilities are primary life drivers today.

Your credit is effected and the effect of the shape and health of your financial, as well as your personal, life.

How to Consumer Finance & Credit Repair

We provide the steps of planning, preparation, and goal achievements to help you to succeed in your life — today and tomorrow!

Contact a Premier Financial Certified Consultant to help you with your credit repair and planning needs today.


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